Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hi I am Colin, and this is my first blog!

I decided to write a blog to show how easy it is to do - even a cartoon character like me can blog :)

So whats the good oil from the Vmedia office this week?

1. There is a new food place opened up down the road called Zambrero fresh - mex - grill. They make fantastic and fresh mexican burritos and tacos - absolutely sensational. The Tacos and Dos Capas are less than $5 and the massive burritos are less than $10 - thumbs up from the crew!

2. We have just made room in the office for students from the tafe to come and edit the talkfringe video - will be fun to have some new people in the office for a few weeks on and off

3. We ran out of peanut butter ( which is important as programmers brains run on peanut butter on soy and linseed bread)

4. We started playing with iphone apps which could lead to some interesting apps being developed

well thats enough for my first blog, stayed tuned for installment 2 very soon!

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